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About The Tree

Kamloops Family Resources Society is a non-profit society and registered Canadian charity. Our vision is one of women’s belonging and recovery.   At The Tree we walk with women and their families, facilitating healing, connections and support. At our drop in program families can find healthy food, peer-based social support, connections to professional services, clothing and baby equipment, health and parenting workshops and other special events and activities. Some of our programs address the often hidden issue of Mothers struggling with substance use.  We believe that the peer mentorship and support is essential is overcoming this challenge.  Our mothers for recovery support group provides a safe, non-judgmental, nurturing environment where moms can heal and share.  We build trust, relationships, and new lives for those who have been or are pregnant and seek recovery from substance use.

Services Offered

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1:1 Counselling

Our counsellor, Angela Aspinall, has a passion for working with women to help them connect deeply with their souls through mindful explorations, guided education, and encouraged self-awareness to promote positive change, healing, and holistic wellness.  She focuses on exploring the deeper meanings in addictive behaviours to find what is needed to start the change and healing process and specializes in helping women explore and process their traumas to find healing so that they can rid themselves of ilmiting beliefs and behaviours.

To book an appointment with Angela please call our centre @ 250-3776890 or email

Healthy Pregnancy Care Program

Our Healthy Pregancy Care Program is here to help you If you are pregnant or have recently had a baby and have a history of problematic substance use.  Our In-Reach worker, Misty, is available to support you with needs that you identify.  Misty is available to meet with you throughout your pregnancy and postpartum (0 – 7 months at minimum) and will walk along side you in your journey and help support you to access basic needs such as unstable housing, poverty & food insecurity.   In addition to helping you within the community Misty will help you with in-reach into the Royal Inland Hospital with the goal of maintaining mother baby togetherness during the birth experience.

Mothers for Recovery Support Group

The Mothers for Recovery Support Group runs every Friday from 9:30 – 11:00.   The staff and participants of the Mothers for Recovery Support Group understand how hard it is as a mother to seek help regarding addiction.  Many of us have experienced the fear, shame, guilt and judgment that comes along with being a mother with addiction issues.  We know how hard it is to walk into a professional setting and tell someone our darkest secrets.  We are not here to judge.  We are here to help.  There is nothing that you can do or say that someone else in the room hasn’t experienced, we are your peers and we have been where you are.  You can expect to be welcomed into our group with open arms.  We all just want to be well, we just want to help.  You can share as little or as much as you want.  There is no pressure.

We believe:

  • Addiction is a Family Disease
  • All Mothers love their children and only want the best for them.
  • Any Mother can fully recover from addiction given the right support.
  • The best teachers of recovery are those whom have recovered themselves.
  • Every Mother and child deserves a safe place to be themselves, to grow and to learn.

What you can expect:

In the Mothers for Recovery Support group we provide a safe, confidential, non-judgmental and nurturing environment.  Our group is facilitated by a staff member or participant who is in recovery themselves and Angela Aspinall our onsite counsellor.  We will do a reading at the beginning of the group and then everyone takes a turn (if they would like to) and shares about their struggles and their accomplishments.  We offer each other feedback, if you want it.  We build relationships, we build trust and we help each other build new lives.

Who can come:

The Mothers for recovery support group is open to all women that have been pregnant at some point in their lives or been in a parental role with a child and who are seeking or maintaining recovery from substance use.

You may or may not have custody of your children, your children may be your biologically or you may have parented a child or your children may be grown-up.  If you do have young children, you can attend the group with them, and they will be able to attend the Mothers for Recovery Child Minding program free of charge.  If you have an infant or are breastfeeding, you are encouraged to attend group with your baby.

There are no agency referrals required.  There are no fees, long term commitments or other special requirements for you to join.  There is no official intake dates or discharge dates, you can attend as often as you desire for as long as you find the group helpful.  Simply show up any Friday morning to become a member.

Drop In Program

Our drop in program runs Monday – Thursday from 9:00am – 1:00pm

Our drop in program runs 4 days per week and offers a safe, inclusive environment for women, mothers and children to make friends and have fun.  We provide a place to socialize, play and experience fun activities in a warm and welcoming environment.

Drop in provides opportunities for women, mothers to

  • make friends and build a social support network
  • play with their children
  • learn about child development (Wednesdays with our Infant Development Consultant Katerina)
  • learn about resources in the community and obtain referrals if necessary
  • meet with our onsite counsellor
  • access our donation room
  • participate in a variety of workshops

No referral or intake required! 

Mothers for Recovery Mentorship Program

Call for next start date

At The Tree, we believe that peer-driven programs are highly effective at meeting people’s needs. We often learn best from others with similar experience who can empathize before guiding. This is a basic principle of our Mothers for Recovery Mentorship Program.

The Mentorship Program connects Mentees (moms new in recovery) with volunteer Mentors (moms who have at least one year clean from all drugs and alcohol and have completed the mentor training program).  Mentees who are successful in achieving one year clean and sober are able to receive training and become Mentors.  Mentees benefit from the experience and strength of the Mentors and participate in group activities to address their issues with addiction and learn new life skills as a parent in recovery.  Life-skills workshops are facilitated by the mentors, staff, and community professionals.  Successful workshops have included Healthy Boundaries, Healthy Female Relationships, Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms, Healthy Parenting, and Relapse Prevention.  Mentees also have access to 1:1 Case Managment and Support from staff.

Participants of this program have reported that they have an increased awareness of how to deal with their drug and alcohol issues.  They have also reported that this program has been instrumental in maintaining abstinence from their addiction as well as in improving the quality of life of themselves and their children.  Another benefit of this program is that we connect professionals from the community with participants in an educational setting, thereby increasing our participants professional support network.  This program is open to all mothers who are seeking recovery from drug and/or alcohol addiction.   For this purpose, a mother is any woman who has been pregnant.  It is not necessary that these mothers have children in their custody.

Free on-site childminding is available.

Registration is required.

Support Available Through All Programs

Practical support for families and pregnant women includes:

  • Wide variety of grass-roots programs for high priority families
  • Free on-site childminding during all groups (except drop-in)
  • Outreach and advocacy
  • On-site Infant Development Worker
  • On-site Prenatal Nutrition Program (Baby’s Headstart)
  • Public Health Nurse visits
  • Healthy Pregnancy Care Meetings
  • Supervised visits for moms with children in care
  • Mainstream services and residential treatment referrals
  • Emergency bus tickets
  • Birth support for pregnant women without positive social support networks
  • Adult and child clothing exchange
  • Baby formula, clothing, diapers, equipment, and breast pumps (upon availability)
  • Healthy family library
  • Parenting and health workshops
  • Special events and activities


Kamloops Family Resources Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of parents, children and families within the Kamloops area. We depend on many sources for the funding and resources needed to provide high quality services (free of charge) to families within our city.

Your donation to Kamloops Family Resources Society is greatly appreciated and put to good use assisting families and children within our region. You will receive a tax receipt for the entire amount donated. Please consider making Kamloops Family Resources Society a priority in your charitable giving this year.

Become a Volunteer

There are many ways to assist Kamloops Family Resources Society in providing excellent services within our community. If you enjoy helping others and have two to three hours a week to give, we encourage you to contact us to find out about the many ways you might be able to help us in meeting the growing needs of families within our community. Email for more information.

Our Team

The team of staff and professionals that help to make the centre successful includes:

  • Executive Director: Susan Wright
  • Counsellor:   Angela Aspinall, RSW
  • Healthy Pregnancy Care In-Reach Worker:  Misty Moonie, RN
  • Healthy Pregnancy Care Peer Mentor:  Aimee Coombes
  • Family Support Worker:  Lynn Delorme
  • Program Facilitator:  Crystal Armour
  • Peer Support Workers:  Donna Slater
  • Infant Development: Katerina Bozanich, Kamloops Infant Development

Our Board of Directors

Kristine Weatherman,  President, Treasurer
Donnelle Lang, Treasurer
Krista Lussier, Secretary
Trina Womboldt, Board Member
Tracy Robinson, Board Member
Darlene Sanderson, Board Member
Megan Pasquill, Board Member

Contact Us

657 Seymour Street
Kamloops BC, V2C 2H2

General Inquiries 250-377-6890