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HCPP Peer Mentor she/they

Aimee is the Peer Mentor for the Healthy Care Pregnancy Program. Aimee has worked at KFRS for 1 year, after attending as a participant for 2 years. During her time as a participant, Aimee notes that the Centre was such a strong support for her – keeping her stable and grounded when that was exactly what she needed – that it felt like a natural transition to wanting to give back and help other women and children through the same programs. Together with her 3 sons, Aimee loves spending time in nature connecting with her Higher Power, including activities like hiking and camping. When not working or enjoying the outdoors, Aimee enjoys painting, reading and making jewelry to relax and recharge.


Program Facilitator she/her

Crystal is the program facilitator at KFRS. She can most often be found in the middle of things, either cooking delicious meals for our participants, or helping to organize the extensive donations downstairs. Crystal has been with KFRS for so long that it is hard to think of just when she began. About 10 years ago Crystal began volunteering with KFRS after she heard about the programs from her sisters who were, at the time, attending KFRS as participants. When a permanent full-time position became available, Crystal was the natural fit to help keep the Centre organized and well fed. Crystal has raised three children, two through a family-based MCFD placement, and one of her own. When Crystal isn’t busy at The Tree, she likes to travel both near and far, and enjoys camping, fishing, reading and any crafts she becomes inspired to create.


Peer Support Worker she/her

Donna is a new staff member at KFRS, but a long time participant, community partner, and advocate for our programs. She is currently employed at KFRS as a peer support worker, so you’re most likely to find her in drop-in supporting participants with their day-to-day needs. Donna herself began attending KFRS programming when it first began in 2005, and has continued to attend when possible through her personal journey. Donna credits KFRS’s program Mother’s for Recovery with both her sobriety and her life. Through her participation in KFRS programming, Donna was inspired to continue supporting women to grow their lives. In 2011 Donna graduated from TRU with her HUMS diploma, and since then her work has primarily focused on working with individuals in addressing their mental health and substance use. Donna herself has 9 years of sobriety. She has two children, one who is still at home keeping her busy even when she’s not at work. Donna is learning to implement self-care activities into her everyday life, such as yoga, which she finds particularly helpful for its mindfulness teachings. Other, more recreational activities such as camping, kayaking, and attending rodeos her daughter participates in also fill Donna’s days.


RN, HCPP she/her

Misty Moonie is a Healthy Care Pregnancy In-Reach Worker, RN. She graduated from Thompson Rivers University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Nursing degree. After graduation she pursued perinatal specialty training and completed this in 2015. She has worked in Labour and Delivery for 9 years and maintains a casual position in labour and delivery and full-time at The Tree. Misty was inspired to become a RN after she gave birth to Twins in 2004. She started in Labour and Delivery in 2013 and worked with many marginalized pregnant and labouring women. She aspired to increase support for pregnant or postpartum women who use substances which guided her to work at The Tree. She was hired at The Tree in 2021 to facilitate The Healthy Care Pregnancy program. She has been in her role for 1.5 years. On her days off, Misty enjoys paddleboarding, mediation, yoga and adventuring


Peer Support worker she/they

Shantelle is a new member of the team at The Tree. She was hired in December of 2022 and is extremely excited to be part of the team. Shantelle was born and raised in London, UK. Their family is first generation immigrants – her mother is from Trinidad and her father from Jamaica. She says that due to the culture of her family, mental health was not talked about. When she started taking steps to take care of their mental health, Shantelle noticed that this was an act of both personal and generational healing. She is passionate about supporting others and ensuring that mental health is taken care of in all circles. This passion started in high school, where Shantelle was first confronted with the need for a diversity club. The culture shock of moving from London to small town British Columbia was shocking for them. She channeled this passion further in college where she was involved in the student union and advocated for international student rights, lower tuition fees, and was able to make various presentations for Black History Month, as well as ongoing content on consent throughout their time on campus. Shantelle completed an associate’s degree in Arts and is about to finish off a double minor degree in Anthropology and Psychology with an additional certificate in Indigenous Studies. Shantelle is parent to her partner’s 5-year-old son. Shantelle enjoys calm self-care activities like meditation, reading, and enjoying warm tea. She also finds peace and connection with the land during hikes around the Secwepemc Territory.


Susan – Executive Director she/her

Susan has been the Executive Director of KFRS since 2011. She started her involvement with KFRS as a participant in the original Mothers for Recovery Support group in 2006, when she was 3 months pregnant, newly abstinent from drugs and alcohol.

Susan also had a 12-year-old daughter at this time. She had struggled with substance use for many years, and in particular over a 6-year period starting in 2000. Susan was seeking abstinence in this 6-year period, attending various programs, but was unsuccessful until finding Mother’s for Recovery. She will tell you that the companionship, empathy, and support she received from the community of women attending Mother’s for Recovery is what made all the difference – women who could understand that her substance use did not diminish her love for her children.

One of the side effects of her newly abstinent lifestyle was a desire to become “part of the solution,” a phrase that would carry her through the next 15 years of her life working for KFRS. Susan first started volunteering in the support group, and then, when a position became available in September of 2007, she jumped at the opportunity to help expand KFRS from its humble beginnings as a single support group, to the thriving non-profit it has become today. Susan has a passion for life-long learning and growing her skillset to better serve the participants and staff of KFRS. In 2017 she completed a diploma in Non-profit Leadership through BCIT and has made it a priority to continue her own professional development around current best-practices.

Susan is a mother of two and is excited to welcome her first grandchild in Spring of 2023. She has two gregarious bulldogs and can often be found snuggled up with them and various soft things at home. Camping, video games, and all the associated activities of being a hockey mom keep her days busy.

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