Our Team

The team of staff and professionals that help to make the centre successful includes:

  • Executive Director: Susan Wright
  • Counsellor:   Angela Aspinall, RSW
  • Healthy Pregnancy Care In-Reach Worker:  Misty Moonie, RN
  • Healthy Pregnancy Care Peer Mentor:  Aimee Coombes
  • Family Support Worker:  Lynn Delorme
  • Program Facilitator:  Crystal Armour
  • Peer Support Workers:  Donna Slater
  • Infant Development: Katerina Bozanich, Kamloops Infant Development

Our Board of Directors

Kristine Weatherman,  President, Treasurer
Donnelle Lang, Treasurer
Krista Lussier, Secretary
Trina Womboldt, Board Member
Tracy Robinson, Board Member
Darlene Sanderson, Board Member
Megan Pasquill, Board Member